Couple Criteria for Finding The Best Wedding Photography Provider in Melbourne

wedding photographer taking pre-nup photos

Finding the best wedding photography provider in Melbourne can be quite the challenge given the amount of competition in the market.

Whether it is heterosexual or same-sex couples, many of the demands placed on the photographer will be universal.

It can be easy and convenient to opt for one professional based on a single recommendation or because they set a cheap price, but that is when problems can emerge.

Let us outline how couples can fairly judge the credentials of a provider of wedding photography in Melbourne before settling on a decision.


Approachable Professional

Before any agreements have been reached or anything has been signed with an outlet, it is important to gauge whether or not the wedding photography provider in Melbourne is actually approachable. Do they offer a free consultation for clients? Do they have openings and bookings that could work with their schedule? Do they have the appetite and desire to take on the project? Are they easy to talk to and are they receptive to questions and feedback? These are all matters that should be considered in detail before making any further steps.


Great Local Feedback

The best indicator of how a wedding photography provider in Melbourne performs is the feedback left by past clients. They will publish their opinions via Google, Facebook, Yelp and even through other social media domains like Instagram. Their ratings out of 5 stars will be interesting to assess including the comments written about the provider. Do they work in teams? Are they affordable? Were the results what was expected? Were they good to work with or were there problems along the way? This is critical information to take on board to avoid being caught off guard from the first outset.


Impressive Catalogue

While it is a valuable exercise to gauge the opinion of other customers, couples need to take a close look at the catalogue of a wedding photography provider in Melbourne to get a feel for what they deliver. Do they opt for a contemporary style or traditional? Perhaps they are specialists at the reportage method? From the positioning of the camera to the tone and colour scheme, the types of location and the scope of the imagery – these are all key factors. Some professionals will be more adaptable than others with their catalogue, so it is necessary to delve into the detail in this instance.


Top Communication Skills

A wedding photography provider in Melbourne needs to be able to delegate and lead others, but they also have to be able to listen to the demands set out by their clients. Aside from the initial conversations in private, these specialists will be out in the open and working in an environment that can be highly stressful. If they have a tenancy to either lose their temper at one end of the extreme or be ignored and overshadowed at the other, then problems for the project will quickly arise. Communication skills are 101 for wedding photographers no matter which location or season for the ceremony.


Flexible Packages & Prices

To get genuine buy-in from couples, it is essential that a wedding photography provider in Melbourne offers variety and a wide selection of choice. The most common types of packages will be broken down into various components. This will feature the pre-event photo session, the online gallery, hard copies and the digital pictures respectively. With all of the other costs incorporated for the ceremony including the venue hire, accommodation, catering, attire and beyond, it is important for couples to know that they have flexibility to look after their budget.