How To Design Wedding Cards That Add Personal Style

wedding cards

Beautiful wedding cards embody an invitation to one of the most important events of your life. They are eloquently designed to represent personal taste, the eloquence of the event and if any theme is applicable. During the design process, a number of aspects are to be considered. We have listed a few below:


Customise the stamp

Whenever wedding cards are mailed, stamps are used in posting. But so much money and effort has been invested into these beautiful cards only for a stamp to adorn a large square of either the card or envelope. In many cases, the images adorning these stamps have never been considered in the final result and significantly detracts from its overall beauty.

Custom made stamps can be a great way to add flair. Perhaps you want to add a small photo or include a symbolic figure on your wedding cards. Depending on how your postal system works, using ink printed stamps may also possible.


Use a ribbon

Ribbons are commonly used to represent the awareness and support of many causes and organisations. Choose a ribbon and colour that has personal meaning to you. Ideally, this ribbon should match the colour palette and overall style of your wedding card.

Be clever and creative about how you design you card. Will it be tied into a bow? Will it be glued around the edging to add some depth? Will it be used as a simple tie to secure the wedding cards? Or will it be tied around a hole punch to dangle from? The ribbon can also be effectively used as a little tag or to contain some other information. Even an inspiration quote printed along the side, the possibilities are limitless.


Try using different shapes

Who said a wedding cards had to be a standard square or rectangle? Perhaps you want your card in the shape of a heart or star? Choosing to feature your card in a unique shape can lead to clever origami designs that fold outwards in beautiful patterns.


Creative edges

Frames and attractive edging can focus attention. Wedding cards with fancy or rounded corners reduces its worn-down look when the corners dent and crinkle inwards. Sometimes these happen during postage, even when sandwiched within an envelope.

Paper frills are another alternative with hole punches and a steady hand. You can find a number lots of inspiration looking online or inside craft shops.


Use personal fonts

Have you every noticed that hand written letters get more care and attention? Handwriting shows significant care and effort. Rather than typing up generic invitations, consider writing even just the names of invitees or signing your name to personalise your wedding cards.

Choosing to write with a quality fountain pen will help to keep your writing look smooth and greatly assists if you intend to hand write in cursive calligraphy.


Custom paper

Coloured paper, or thick quality paper can make a big difference when you hold it in your hand. The paper can also be stained to give wedding cards a vintage aged appearance.


Use a wax seal

Back in the days of the quill, wax seals were common to secure a letter until it reached its recipient. Consequently, this design choice harks back to those olden times with a rich history. Different wax seals can be purchased and used in wedding cards depending on your pattern of choice. Different coloured wax sealing sticks can be chosen too.


Gilded edges

Beyond the obvious on paper designs, choosing to gild your wedding cards along the edge will add a nice flair.