How To Prepare Toddlers For Child Care In Craigieburn

Preparing your toddlers for their first day of pre-school is something that’s a lot easier said than done and there are a lot of different approaches that different parents choose to take. Sometimes a parent will just throw their kid into the deep end, believing that sudden exposure is the best way to shock their senses and force them to adjust.

This hard-line approach might not be what you think is best for your little one, and therefore you seek a way to slowly prepare them for their first day on child care in Craigieburn. The following will teach you some steps you can implement to slowly prepare your little one for pre-school.


1.     Practise temporary separation

Of course, the biggest fear surrounding your toddlers first day at child care in Craigieburn is the initial sense of abandonment and separation anxiety they may experience when you wave goodbye and drive away. For many toddlers, this may be the first time they ever actually watch their parent leave them behind with a stranger and group of other kids which is going to be very scary for them.

Practising this ‘wave and drive away’ routine with a grandparents house or a family friend is an excellent way to get them used to the sight of you disappearing out-of-view. This means that one that first day they won’t be totally shocked by the fact you are leaving them, even if they are still apprehensive about their first day at child care in Craigieburn.


2.     Teach them basic manners and respect for others

smiling child with paint in her hands

The best way to avoid your toddler coming into conflict with other kids and causing an unenviable situation at the child care in Craigieburn is to teach them basic manners and respect for others. This preschool may be the first time your little one is exposed to certain ethnicities and cultures, so they need to understand how to be respectful when encountering things, they don’t understand. For example, seeing a child of a darker skin tone than they have ever seen before may cause your little one to exclaim in a way that seems very inappropriate, but its simply due to their ignorance.

They need to also understand concepts like personal space when attending a child care in Craigieburn so that they don’t end up accidentally hurting another kid. It would be terrible to have all the paperwork to deal with when liability issues come up around incidents that occur because kids didn’t know the right way to treat others.


3.     Teach them about basic safety

A very important thing for kids to be aware of before going to a child care in Craigieburn is the rules of common-sense safety around things like power points, electrical appliances, cooking appliances, water and fire. Needless to say, electricity is a major danger to kids when they aren’t properly instructed about the dangers of doing things like sticking a metal fork into a power outlet.

Ensuring that your kid knows how to be safe before they attend a child care in Craigieburn means they will also be able to help keep other toddlers safe and won’t pose a risk to them. Lives have been saved by knowledgeable toddlers warning others about things their parents taught them, so more information never hurts.

Hopefully you can make effective use of the above information to prepare your little one for child care in Craigieburn.