Important Information About Making Use Of Construction Scaffolding What’s The Point Of Scaffolding?


The primarily utility of scaffolding is that it acts as a temporarily erected platform with which workers and artisans can ascend to safely work at heights. Naturally, it is very important that this kind of platforming is made from sturdy materials and is erected to exact specifications so that there is little-to-no risk with using it. This is why there are entire qualifications that exist in order to train people in to professionally audit scaffoldings and give an authoritative opinion on whether or not it is safe to us or what modifications may be necessary.


What are the common safety concerns of scaffolding?

Of course, there are plenty of inherent and obvious dangers to working at heights and on a piece of platforming that need to be easy to take down and set-up again. If the scaffolding is not set up to proper specifications, or if there is a faulty part, then it could cause it to collapse which is one of the most costly and dangerous disasters that can happen on any construction project. Accidents related to neglectful set-up and use of construction platforming are some of the leading causes of death and permanent injury in laborers and thus there is a great deal of checks and balances in place to minimize harm.

In fact, to use a set of scaffolding of a certain size on any construction site there needs to be a safety audit officer there to supervise its installation and use. They are the person who give the official ‘OK’ for everyone to climb on and start using the platform, and thus there is a high-degree of testing they must go through in order to qualify for such an important role.

The scaffolding collapsing under is own weight or because of a mistake in set-up isn’t the only way it can be dangerous. The higher it is, the more risk that if a tool (such as a hammer) is accidentally knocked off it could actually kill or seriously injure someone below, even if they are wearing a helmet and goggles etc. Of course, there is also the danger of those working on the platform losing their footing and falling from a height.


How do you get scaffolding on your site?

You may be a construction manager who needs to supply a form of scaffolding for workers so that they can perform their job at heights. Commonly, people doing work on the exterior of a tall building will need a form of temporary platforming and this include painters, window installers and roofers.

In order to get a set of temporary platforming, you need to either purchase a set or hire it from professional scaffolding provider. Hiring from a licensed provider of rental scaffolding can prove to be much more cost-effective than paying to acquire, store and install a set yourself. For example, if you are someone who doesn’t commonly need to work at heights, then it would make sense only to hire a set of platforming for the jobs you do need it for rather than invest in something you might not use very often.

There are lots of different types of platforming to choose from, each with their own unique features and benefits. Some come pre-assembled on a wheelable trolley which is great for quickly moving around a building but is not appropriate for extreme heights. In this way, you need to make sure you hire the correct set-up for the job you are doing.

Hopefully the above information gives you more insight into the use of scaffolding in construction.