DC Graphic Novel Collection (Premium)

DC Graphic Novel Collection (Premium)

This exciting new collection of hardback books brings together some of the greatest super hero adventures of the modern age, with stories and art by many of DC Comics’ greatest creators.   Every volume in this brand new series is a hardback book that presents one of the most important super hero tales of recent years. The collection features all of DC Comics’ most famous heroes including Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman.  Alongside the modern story, each book also contains an array of bonus features that reprints a classic story from the Golden and Silver Age of comics.


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$21.99 inc GST per issue, plus $1.00 p&h (except for Issue 1 which is only $7.99 inc GST (plus $1.00 p&h) and Issue 2, which is only $14.99 inc GST (plus $1.00 p&h)).  This price includes the extra $2.00 per issue for a premium subscription.