Build a Precision Model Solar System

Build a Precision Model Solar System

Each weekly issue of Build a Precision Mechanical Solar System comes with the components you need to build a modern interpretation of a classical orrery- a fully accurate, working model of the solar system as we know it today.

Electrically powered, this attractive and completely individual piece is built to last and will become a family heirloom.

In addition to your beautiful orrery, the 20 page, full-colour magazine includes stunning space images, in-depth features and the essential instructions for constructing, calibrating and using your model solar system.


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$18.99 inc GST per issue, plus $1.00 postage & handling (except for Issue 1 which is only $3.99 inc GST, plus $1.00 p&h and Issue 2, which is only $9.99 inc GST, plus $1.00 p&h).

The solar system model is complete in 52 parts at a total cost of $863.48 inc GST, plus postage & handling.  A second model will be available from Issue 53.