Star Wars Helmet Collection with Digital

Star Wars Helmet Collection with Digital

Collect official replica helmets from the entire Star Wars saga!  

Modelled in a 1:5 scale to show every detail, each helmet is made from high-quality materials and includes moveable parts (where applicable), a superb hand-painted finish and replica logos.  Every helmet is mounted on its own stand with aname plate and clear display case.

This amazing series cover the classic Star Wars heroes and villains including DarthVader, Luke Skywalker, Boba Fett, stormtrooper, General Grievous, clonetrooper, Red Guard and many more!

Each issue comes with a superbly illustrated magazine that delves into the technical features of the helmet, profiles the key characters and explores their costumes, weapons and other equipment.


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Each issue costs $23.49 inc GST (except for Issue 1 which only costs $6.49 inc GST and Issue 2 which only costs $14.49 inc GST).

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