Warhammer Legends Collection

Warhammer Legends Collection

Warhammer Legends Collection will take the form of high quality hardback  novels, published fortnightly and building into an 80-volume collection with a unique newly commissioned collectible spine artwork and exclusively designed covers.

Warhammer Legend is realised under official licence from Games Workshop, which has become the most widely recognized brand name for wargaming in the world. With the aide of their Forge World resin miniature kits and the hundreds of novels in print from Black Library Publishing, the worlds of Warhammer and Warhammer 40,000 have not only endured, but prospered for nearly 50 years. 


Free Gifts when you subscribe!

  • 1 FREE Issue
  • FREE Aquila Notebook
  • FREE Map of the Universe Print
  • FREE Chaos Bookends
  • FREE Set of Coasters (only if you subscribe online)
  • FREE Inquisition Tankard

Each issue costs $24.99 inc GST, except for Issue 1 which is only $7.99 inc GST and Issue 2 which is only $12.99 inc GST