Build a Shelby Mustang (Premium + Digital)

Build a Shelby Mustang (Premium + Digital)

Build an amazingly detailed 1:8 model of the classic 1967 Ford Mustang Shelby GT-500, fitted with the high-performance 428 Police Interceptor engine.  

This easy-to-assemble replica of the classic US muscle car has real metal, plastic and rubber parts - pre-finished in authentic colours to look just like the original. The doors and bonnet open to reveal every detail of the interior and engine bay, and the model also has working lights, steering and a realistic engine sound effect.

Every instalment of parts comes with a superbly illustrated magazine that tells the story of how Ford and the legendary tuner Carroll Shelby created the ultimate Mustang, profiles classic American cars, and shows how to put the model together with clear photographic step-by-step instructions.


Each issue costs $23.99 each inc GST (except for Issue 1 which is only $6.49 inc GST and Issue 2 which is only $14.49 inc GST).  The model is complete in 100 parts and the total cost is $2372.00 inc GST.