Star Trek Graphic Novel - Premium

Star Trek Graphic Novel - Premium

For the first time ever, nearly 50 years of Star Trek comics have been brought together in a single series. 

This extraordinary new collections spans nine different comic book publishers and six decades.  Beautifully presented in brand new hardback editions, with brand new introductions.


Free Gifts when you subscribe!

  • FREE Lapel Pin
  • FREE Set of Star Trek Movie Posters and Collector's Tin
  • 2 FREE Embossed Tin Classic covers
  • FREE Bookends
In addition, Premium subscribers also receive 4 incredible hardback Photonovels 

Gifts may differ from those shown and are only available while stocks last

Each issue costs $21.99 inc GST, plus $1.00 postage & handling (except for Issue 1 which is only $7.99 inc GST, plus $1.00 p&h and Issue 2 which is only $14.99 inc GST plus $1.00 p&h).  This includes the extra cost for a Premium subscription