Transformers - The Definitive G1 Collection

Transformers - The Definitive G1 Collection

For the first time ever, the entire span of Transformers Generation 1 is collected in one epic hardback graphic novel series, featuring the classic cast of characters from the founding 1980s series onwards. From the Marvel US and UK stories to the Dreamwave era and the triumphant IDW incarnation of Generation 1, this is the whole story of the warring robots in disguise.

• Featuring for the first time ever in print newly colourized comic strips.
• All the US and UK G1 stories in their original UK publication order for the first time.
l take the form of high quality hardback  novels, published fortnightly and building into an 80-volume collection with a unique newly commissioned collectible spine artwork and exclusively designed covers.


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Each issue costs $19.99 inc GST, except for Issue 1 which is only $7.99 and Issue 2 which is only $12.99