Mind Body Spiriti - Prem + Digital

Mind Body Spiriti - Prem + Digital

Discover the secrets of optimum happiness and wellbeing with this unique collection. Brings together the popular subject areas of Natural Healing, Alternative Therapies, Friendship and Love, Foretelling the Future and Spirits and Spells in one unique collection. Aimed at women who are looking for something beyond the mundane routines of daily life, this fully integrated product gives you everything you need to explore,enhance and enjoy the mind, body and spirit.

Each issue combines a beautifully illustrated, glossy magazine with detailed, fold-out charts and posters and practical equipment such as massage oils, incense, chakra candles, angel cards, tarot cards, and healing crystals.  Build up complete courses in aromatherapy, massage,meditation, yoga, astrology, tarot, angel card reading and palmistry along with everything you need to put your skills into practise. Detailed reference sheets will enable you to prepare herbal remedies to treat minor ailments such as colds and sunburn, give healing massages and try simple spells to make your wishes come true. 


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Each issue costs $12.49 inc GST(except for Issue 1 which is $3.49 inc GST and Issue 2 which is $7.49 inc GST).  This includes the extra costs for  both a Premium subscription and Digital Editions.