My Little Pony - Classic

My Little Pony - Classic

                                          Join Twilight Sparkle and her band of pony pals on an all-new colouring adventure every week!

Every 24-page colouring book comes with an exciting art item to collect. Each issue is printed on high-quality craft paper and contains an all-new story with beautiful designs to colour and embellish, in harmony with the themes and storyline. Collect all the art items to build the ultimate Colour Creativity Kit! Get high-quality scented pens and pencils in a rainbow of vibrant colours and decorate your completed story scene pages with adorably patterned washi tapes, colourful confetti shape punchers, collectible gemstone stickers and striking stamper designs!


Free Gifts when you subscribe!

  • FREE Giant Colouring Poster in your first delivery
  • FREE issue in your first delivery (you will be charged for one less issue than you recieve)
  • FREE My Little Pony Pencil Tin in your third delivery
  • FREE My Little Pony Satchel in your fifth delivery
  • FREE My Little Pony Mystery Figurine in your eighth delivery

Each issue costs $7.99 each inc GST, plus $0.75 postage & handling, except for Issue 1, which is only $1.99 inc GST, plus $0.75 postage & handling.