Build your own R2D2 (Standard + Digital)

Build your own R2D2 (Standard + Digital)

R2D2 is a build up scale replica of a real robot with interactive intelligence, powerful motors and useful functions including home surveillance.

 The 16 page magazine gives a step by step construction guide to build your R2D2 robot, and includes details of the Star Wars films and fascinating facts and stories from the world of robotics. An App will also accompany the product for remote control and communication with R2D2.

 A comprehensive collection of metal and plastic parts to build a scale model of R2D2 will be included with each magazine. Once built, R2D2 will have artificial intelligence, 360 degrees movement, Image Projector, Camera for image recognition and recording, Movie sounds, Wi-Fi Link, Infra-red sensors for obstacle avoidance and Authentic movie detailing.


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Each issue costs $21.49 inc GST, except for Issue 1, which is only $6.49 inc GST.  The model is complete in 100 parts and the total cost is $2134.00